Got to try out the Delta One accommodations on an overnight trip from Boston to Dublin. I actually got some sleep! Arrived in Dublin on Monday morning, around 10:00 am. Weather was just perfect! Took a cab from the airport to the Marker hotel, and the cabbie spoke with such a strong Irish accent he was hard to understand.

The Marker Hotel is right downtown, near Misery Hill, where years ago the immigrants trudged up to board the boats bound for somewhere else in order to escape the potato famine.

Had to laugh — the Weather Channel had an alert for Dublin of “extremely high temperatures” getting up to 27  degrees C. Or about 80 degrees F. Yikes! Scorcher!

Ate lunch at Herbstreet, then walked uptown to see Trinity College, where they house the Book of Kells, which consists of very ancient gospels from the 9th century. Also saw the College library — endless. Took a cab back to the hotel to take a nap… too much jet=lag. Went back uptown to eat dinner at the Winding Stairs restaurant, then walked up to visit the Stag’s Head pub (where someone was shooting a movie) and saw Christ Church Cathedral.

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Day 1, Dublin